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Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a proven financing tool

that building owners and developers can use to:

  • upgrade their building's energy performance,

  • install renewable energy systems; and

  • reduce resource consumption

with no money down and with the financing repaid through their property's tax bill.


PACE Alberta is a non-profit  organization. We are dedicated to the goal of reducing Canada's GHG footprint through the establishment of a dynamic and thriving PACE ecosystem in Canada. 

Short biographies of the Principals and Volunteers of PACE Alberta are presented below

Anthony Adetola Owolabi 

Anthony graduated with a Chemical Engineering Bachelor Degree and has an MBA in Natural Resources, Energy and Environment from the University of Alberta. With over 17 years of experience in the Utilities Technology and Engineering fields, Anthony has amassed a vast array of skills and knowledge in energy conservation, energy efficiency and energy management. He is both a Certified Energy Manager and an ISO 50001 Energy Management Lead Auditor. 


He joined PACE Alberta as a volunteer in 2019 and has been supporting the business development efforts at establishing a PACE Ecosystem  in the province and across Canada. Previously, he was on the board of the Edmonton Heritage Council and a member of the Energy Transition Leadership Network for the City of Edmonton. Anthony is an avid traveler and has been to over 30 Canadian cities and town since 2015.

Anthony assumed the role of Executive Director of PACE Alberta in March 2022.

Leigh Bond


As a serial entrepreneur, Leigh has made significant contributions to four start-up companies.  For one of these he was President and grew the company to the second largest in Canada in their market segment.


More recently he has spent 12 years as the President of a specialty mechanical and electrical contracting company where the focus was renewable energy installations.  He was involved in over 110 projects that designed and built solar PV, solar hot water, geothermal, cogen, wind, and grey water systems. Four of these were NETZERO buildings.  He sold that company several years ago.


Since then he has dedicated his volunteer time to bringing the best practices for PACE to Alberta.  He is a founding member and director of Pace Alberta Co-op Ltd.  


He is also the founding chairman of the Alberta Geothermal Energy Association and with his geothermal knowledge provides consulting services on geothermal projects.


He believes that education is the key to moving energy efficiency forward.  To that end, he sits on the advisory committees for the renewable energy programs at NAIT, and Lakeland College.


Brian Scott


Since 1982 Brian Scott has been a partner at The Communitas Group (, a consulting firm which specializes in co-operative enterprise and cooperative housing development. Scott is an environmental and energy generalist who has embraced an integrated design philosophy and works closely with the owner, designer and contractor team stakeholders to holistically seek an optimized sustainable design. 


In 1999, Scott led the design team which ultimately resulted in Grandin Green Strata Title Co-op, recognized by CMHC as one of Canada's most energy efficient high-rise developments. 


In 2009, with Equilibrium Communities grant funding from the Government of Canada, Scott led the design research team on the Station Pointe Greens Passive House development, a proposed 200 unit sustainable high-rise in Edmonton Alberta. The research results were presented by Scott at the 2014 UNEP-SBCI international conference (The Future of the Built Environment: Sustainability, Carbon Neutrality and Beyond) in Quebec City. 


Scott’s current passion is PACE financing and as such, is a founding director of PACE Alberta with the mission of ushering into existence Canada’s most successful PACE program.


Reg Kinal

After 40 years of building a General Contractor/Construction Management business based in Edmonton, Reg stepped aside to do business in a way that follows his passions. Using this 40-year investment, he now has time to be a volunteer in addition to continuing his business pursuits providing Owners Agent design and construction services. 


Reg started his career after attending NAIT, working as a carpenter, then foreman, site manager, project manager, construction manager, vice president construction, vice president and chief operating officer, chief operating officer and senior advisor, and shareholder, he would say he has swung the hammer as well as experienced every level of construction and building, including building the business. 


His current business services start at project conception and owners vision moving into the design and build, representing The Project as a whole, working with the owners team and/or bringing the best fit team of consultants and contractors to The Project, planning, and developing the projects objectives, budget, quality, schedule and managing the gaps through collaboration with all involved. 


With always having a keen interest in building with the environment in mind, using sustainable and renewable practices, He is thrilled to be a non-profit volunteer as Executive Director for Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Alberta which is working towards renewable energy efficient financing for residential and commercial projects and creating jobs. 


"PACE is a perfect fit for me considering my background, I understand all aspects of The Project development, design, construction and building life cycle. I am now in this PACE role with that knowledge and working with the founding directors who brought the original version of PACE to Canada, as well as many knowledgeable driven volunteers keen to make a difference"

His knowledge and passions include High Performance Buildings and Systems, Living Building Challenge, Reimagined Retrofit Buildings and Circular Construction methods and The Projects. Reg is passionate about doing his part to move ahead knowing "we have to change today to have tomorrow. What we build today impacts tomorrow".

Nirwair Singh Bajwa 


Nirwair is an award-winning scholar, a Sustainability Analyst and a Marketing Ambassador for PACE Alberta. Nirwair is a MSc (Process Control), C.E.M, LEED AP, WELL AP, Fitwel Ambassador. Being an integral team Nirwair is well knowledgeable of ESG, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO, greenhouse gas performance, building certifications, Project Management principles and always appreciates entrepreneurial skills to solve real problems. Nirwair has led various sustainability initiatives and is also proficient in data analytics and product development initiatives through strong stakeholder engagement and strong business cases.


Nirwair got an opportunity to be part of the PACE initiative in Alberta through various engagement sessions and writing case studies of the US PACE program. With a background of process control, oil & gas, and an advocate for a sustainable future, Nirwair brings a unique perspective to break barriers in the retrofit economy. Overall Nirwair is an activator who takes complex problems; breaks them down to apply skills that are quick, easy, result oriented, and result into sustainable solutions.


Nirwair is a sustainability leader who volunteered and contributed with the following organizations: Emerging Green Professional (EGP) Co-Chair in CaGBC Alberta, Ambassador for PACE Alberta Co. Ltd, co-chain of the program advisory committee at Norquest College. Overall Nirwair is an activator who takes complex problems; break them down to apply skills that are quick, easy, result oriented, and result in sustainable solutions.

Chris Jardine B. Mgmt


Driven by a keen understanding that change doesn’t just happen in society, that the people are responsible for the change directly and that real perspective change is an issue of acquiring new knowledge, using new knowledge and using our personal energies to forward deliberate intentional actions towards the changes we need and pursue for a better future for all humanity. Change takes dedication, patients and practice. Chris, with his experienced and resilient PACE teammates are both patient and dedicated to seeing a lighter reality that is better for all of us here on planet earth. Better air to breath, better water to drink, better-cleaner building practices for all energy systems across the whole of society.


A N.A.I.T & University of Lethbridge Alumni Chris is coming from a professional tenure of nearing 20 years in the Marketing & Advertising Industries in Canada. Chris brings with him an array of useful insights and uses his understanding of how too much carbon in our atmosphere poses an exponential threat to all of us, to act, to find new ways to provoke change and to continue to push for change by actively pushing for PACE adoption nationwide. Earlier in his career Chris spent time selling Geothermal Installations here in Alberta, supporting  positively-inspired people and carbon reducing activities in any and all ways he can, Chris works here to make a better future for generations yet to come

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