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PACE Alberta is a voluntary non-profit cooperative organization that relies on donations and memberships to carry out its vision and mission of a best-practice PACE Ecosystem in Canada. 


PACE Alberta was established in 2017 to advocate for PACE financing in Alberta and Canada. PACE financing has established itself as a proven financial tool which is dramatically accelerating the implementation of GHG-reducing measures in residential and commercial buildings. The tool is an innovative way of financing the measures with no money down and with the debt transferring to purchasers on resale making it uniquely attractive to both homeowners and businesses.


Our Services include participating in clean energy initiatives and education at the community level, and supporting legislative efforts at building a PACE Ecosystem at the municipal and provincial levels. We were involved in setting the stage for the passing of the Clean Energy Improvement Act in Alberta (in 2018) which resulted in the establishment of the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) and we participated in several PACE workshops in municipalities, community leagues and educational institutions across Alberta (between 2017-2019).


This year, 2023, we have set out the following actions which we hope to accomplish with your generous and kind support.

  • Participate in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Trade show and conference

  • Attend the PACENation annual summit in the USA

  • Organize a hybrid roundtable on Scaling PACE in Canada

In addition to our regular maintenance of a website and related outreach activities, the aforementioned actions form the core of the efforts needed for best-practice-based PACE enabling legislation to be adopted across the country. Key to such legislation is the recognition and facilitation of

  • Private Funding

  • Private Administration

  • Streamlined administration, and

  • Suitable Eligibility Criteria

for the scale-up and sustainability of the PACE Ecosystem.


With your generous support, we will reach more stakeholders across Canada including private investors, municipalities, contractors, and home and commercial building owners, and by doing so, facilitate the evolution of a sustainable PACE ecosystem which will dramatically accelerate the implementation of global warming reduction measures and Canada’s carbon footprint.


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