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PACE Alberta is a private non-profit education and advocacy organization. We are dedicated to dramatically reducing Canada's GHG footprint through the establishment of a dynamic and thriving PACE ecosystem in Canada.

We promote and help facilitate the development and delivery of Residential and Commercial PACE programs through the provision of consultancy services and the dissemination of PACE information and resources.


In other words: we make it easy to reduce a building's eco-footprint.


Our mission is to create a sustainable future by making energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrade measures affordable to all Canadians.


Our vision is for every building in Canada to be optimized with renewable energy and energy efficiency measures to achieve net-zero performance - and for PACE financing to be the tool that makes the measures affordable to all.


PACE Alberta is advocating for the creation of a thriving and dynamic Canada wide PACE ecosystem based on proven PACE lessons, best practices, and successes from the USA. Properly structured, Canada's PACE ecosystem will transform the economics of sustainability and make a significant impact on the climate change challenge.

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